Tommy Boccio

Tommy began studying drums from 1979-1980 with Frank Lizzo at the Huntington School of Music. His studies included Stick Control, Rudiments, Sight Reading, Jazz & Rock Drumset, Snare Drum, Music Theory and Recitals. He continued his studies from 1986-1988 with Charles Perry, who is the author of ‘Rockin Bass Drum Books 1 & 2’, at Five Towns College in Seaford, New York. Tommy’s major was Jazz Commercial. His studies at Five Towns College included Advanced Stick Control & Music Theory, Jazz Ensemble Classes & Sight Reading Charts, and One on One Lessons For Drum Set. The Styles included were Rock, Funk, Jazz and Latin. In 1990, Tommy studied at Smash Studios in Manhattan, New York with Joe Franco (author of ‘Double Bass Drumming Book’) and his studies included Double Bass Drumming.

In 1993, Tommy became a member of the National Drum Association and from 1988-1996, he worked at Sam Ash Music in Huntington N.Y. as a Drum Department Manager and Assistant Buyer. He also has showcased with many local acts throughout the Tri-State area and has performed/recorded and rehearsed at many Long Island and New York studios and venues.

Tommy began teaching drums at New York Music Emporium in 1999 and has been here for over 16 years. He teaches all ages, all levels and all styles. Not only does he specialize in handwritten charts that aid in learning songs faster and easier, he also helps with NYSSMA preparation for all levels 1-6 in Snare Drum and Drumset.