Artie Blaurock

Artie Blaurock has had a lifetime of experience in the music industry as a guitar player, pianist and vocalist. However, he also is proficient on bass, drums and clarinet. Learning from his father to play piano at the age of 5, Artie’s first performance in front of an audience was in the 3rd grade when he played a solo piano concert in front of his entire elementary school. By the age of 11 he was playing “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin.

When he was 13, and after hearing the rock band KISS for the first time, Artie decided to start playing guitar. His dedication to the guitar and consistent songwriting got him involved in various bands throughout high school. Once he graduated, he began to take his musical career to a new level. He began teaching guitar at the age of 17. He also formed his first professional band called SWEET REVENGE and signed a production contract in 1985 that soon led to a development deal with CBS Records and bookings through Premier Talent. Playing in major venues and opening for such bands as Cinderella and Zebra, SWEET REVENGE became a locally huge drawing band. It drew the attention of a talent scout who landed them a spot in a nationally televised Roy Rogers TV commercial. Artie has also appeared in many publications with solo interviews, most notably in BILLBOARD magazine.

In 1992, Artie had formed a new band called DORIAN GREY which instantly became regionally successful. They gained the attention of Arista and Sony Records but ultimately signed a record deal with Harbinger Record. Their CD was in all the major record stores. By 1996, DORIAN GREY disbanded and NEEDULHED was formed which was a combination of all of the musical background that Artie had. He added sequencing, drum beat loops, samples, keyboards, heavy guitars and distorted vocals to create a unique sound. NEEDULHED released 3 CD’s, appeared on 10 compilations, toured 22 US cities and was played on over 100 radio stations worldwide.

In 2002, after a very successful SWEET REVENGE reunion show, Artie formed a Van Halen tribute band called MAMMOTH and subbed in other VH tribute bands (as Eddie Van Halen) playing everywhere from Long Island to Atlantic City. His last headlining show was at the Jones Beach Band Shell in 2008 in front of 4000 people.

Artie’s vast knowledge of guitar, piano, bass and the music business has enabled him to successfully teach at New York Music Emporium since 2001. He has taught hundreds and hundreds of students in his lifetime and now prides himself on motivating students to take their playing to the next level by running the New York Music Emporium Rock Band Program which allows players of all ages to play in a band, guided by professional instructors including Artie, and have these bands do shows at various clubs and fairs.