Evan Anastassatos

A graduate of Adelphi University’s well-regarded music school, Evan Anastassatos has quickly become one of the, if not the most popular teacher on our staff. Specializing in a multitude of instruments from orchestra strings to guitar and ukulele, Evan has an easy-going, friendly approach while getting results from all of his students!

Bobby Sexton

Bobby Sexton has been playing guitar professionally for over 20 years, and has held a passion for teaching throughout his entire career!

Mike Jusino

Mike Jusino has been emphatically playing the guitar for over 20 years. When Mike was in high school, he studied Jazz Guitar with Dave Burns and Marc Elf at BOCES cultural arts center. He also studied classical guitar with Stephen Leonard at NCC. Mike has performed at various music festivals including SXSW (Austin, Texas), CMJ […]

Scott Ferriera

Scott is a world-class guitarist, singer and songwriter based in New York City and Long Island. His musicality and impressive technique has won him a well-earned reputation in Rock, Funk, Jazz and R&B circles. Scott can be seen and heard as a front man with his original music and as a first-call guitarist and vocalist […]

Brian Demerie

Brian is a guitar instructor, musician and composer from Massapequa, New York. At a young age, Brian took an early interest in music. When he was just a toddler, he was playing melodies by ear on his toy piano. Once in elementary school, he took an early interest in the drums and played in the […]

Artie Blaurock

Artie Blaurock has had a lifetime of experience in the music industry as a guitar player, pianist and vocalist. However, he also is proficient on bass, drums and clarinet. Learning from his father to play piano at the age of 5, Artie‚Äôs first performance in front of an audience was in the 3rd grade when […]

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