Meet The Team

The staff at New York Music Emporium are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to music and gear. Being musicians ourselves, we’re obsessed with music and all the quirky instruments available to make it come to life. Can’t make it down in person? Call us at (516) 221-4888 for help over the phone.

Favorite Gear: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Charlie LoVarco

Owner & Founder

One of the fathers of Long Island Music Retail, Charlie started Focus II Guitar Center with his brother, Tom, in 1978. As they say, the rest is history. When not tending to the shop, Charlie can now be found on his boat singing Jimmmy Buffet.

Favorite Gear: 2006 Gibson Hummingbird

Favorite Band: Ghost B.C.

Mike Koenigsberg

Owner, Online Sales

Mike grew up as a customer and patron of the store, and eventually joined the team in 2010. After realizing that he had finally found his calling, Mike partnered with Charlie in 2015. He now oversees online sales and social media.

Favorite Gear: GIbson ES-330

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Jarred Austin

General Manager

Jarred got his start in 2008, when his father came home with John Mayer's "Where the Light Is: Live in Los Angeles" DVD. Jarred can be seen in our YouTube demo videos, and handles much of the day-to-day operations in the store.

Favorite Gear: 2008 ESP Ltd JD-600

Favorite Video Game: Megaman Battle Network 5

Tim Simone

eBay Manager, Sales

Tim is our resident shred-head, and drools over all things neon and pointy. When not listening to the latest Periphery record, Tim oversees our Ebay account and is responsible for the high growth we have enjoyed with such brands as Ibanez and PRS.

Favorite Gear: Strymon El Capistan

Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Brian Woo

Merchandising, Sales

Chances are that if you have taken a look at a display in the shop, it was Brian's doing. Brian has the unique responsibility (and talent) of handling all physical merchandising in the store, as well as being a team favorite among many of the staff. Woo!

Artie Blaurock

Lesson Director

A legend by any standards, Artie started playing guitar when he was 13 after hearing the rock band KISS for the first time. Not only does he run our entire lesson program, but he is also one of the most popular teachers in it. Read more about Artie!

Andrew Valerio

Lesson Coordinator

Likely the nicest guy you'll ever meet, Andrew came on board the NYME team as a teacher in 2008 where he quickly became one of our most popular instructors. He now splits his time between teaching here as well as helping out with operations & day-to-day lesson scheduling.

Favorite Gear: Taylor T5z Classic

First / Last Concert: Billy Joel

Dan Reardon

Photography & Media, Digital Assets

A parent of one of our favorite students, Dan joined the team after we had an opening for a new photographer and media consultant. Bringing decades of knowledge and experience with him, Dan fit right in as he went (and still goes) above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the best he could to the team. He is responsible for the beautiful product photography you see today, as well as our new series of online demos and videos.

Favorite Gear: 2008 Fender American Jaguar

Favorite Brewery: Sand City Brewery-Northport, Ny

Tom Dintrone

Web Design & Upkeep, SEO Management

Joining the team in 2014, Tom is responsible for our beautiful website and its upkeep, as well as our rapidly expanding web presence. A great designer and a good guy to boot, Tom's hard work allows us to be internet girls in this internet world.

Favorite Gear: Anything Chewable

Favorite Activity: Walking, Running, Getting Rubbed


Mascot & Crowd Pleaser

Filling a role that we have had vacant for some time, Rory handles much of the day-to-day stress relief in the store. He can be seen on weekends hanging out near our Ibanez department, chilling with the ladies.

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